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Purple Skytrain. This is not just a Mega Project, this is an awesome Ultra Mega Project with a budget of more than 1 Billion U$ Dollars. Bangkok will soon get a new PurpleSkytrain system with 16 stations and soon in this case means around 2015. The 23-kilometer railway system will not be called BTS like the old Skytrain, instead it will be called the MRT Purple Line. Just like the BTS, the new MRT Purple Line will be an elevated train system. So which is better, an elevated train system or an underground train system? Many people, myself included, feel more comfortable with an elevated train system. However, riding the Skytrain is not as fun as it used to be. The BTS trains are not just crowded, most of the time they are over-crowded. I do not recommend to bring children or elderly people as it is not a pleasant experience to ride the train, actually it has become a bit of a nightmare because of too many people and too few trains. You will get from point A to B rather quickly but you will most likely not enjoy the ride. The authorities could could solve the problem by buying more trains resulting in more trains in service but that is not likely to happen.

The MRT Purple Line will have 16 stations from the Bang Bua Thong district (�ҧ��Ƿͧ) to Tao Poon Station (�һٹ). For your information Bua Thong means golden lotus, that is a nice name for a district. And Bang Bua Thong is very far away from the centre of Bangkok, many Thais have heard about it but never been there. The first (or last) station at Bang Bua Thong is called Khlong Bang Phai and it is located on Outer Ring Road also called Kanchanaphisek Road or Motorway route 9. You don�t need to worry if you don�t know what I am talking about as this is deep inside information from the guru himself � no foreigners know about this, they never come here. But all that is going to change soon.

Tao Poon Station (S16) is an interchange station that allows commuters to travel to the centre of Bangkok by switching to the MRT Blue Line system. The existing MRT Blue Line system at Bang Sue station will be extended and connected to Tao Poon station via a tunnel and a transition structure.



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